What means Revenue Assurance...?


For TelcObep, the Revenue Assurance is a process to verify the beginning-to-end, completeness, accuracy, and integrity of the identification, interaction, capture, recording, billing, and reporting of all transactions linked to gross revenue and/or direct cost.



Always ensure to bill all billable events and keep focus on customer (external & internal) entire satisfaction.

Our understanding & approach...

Scope of Revenue Assurance ...


The Revenue Assurance (RA) function is confirmed to be one of the key function within telecom companies due to complex technologies combined to specific process and policies which are required by the GSMA and/or local regulations.


Today, due to the positive impact of mobile financial services, mobile payments and many other complex third party (sector) solutions, the positive impact of RA within telecom organisation is more and more exported to banks, financial institutions and other insurance organisations. Hence the need of aligning the conventional RA universe to all other sectors.


What makes TelcObep RA approach different compared to others...?


  1. Operational experience within MNO/MVNO and exposed to start-up operations, acquisition in mature and emerging markets of Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa and India
  2. Bilingual - English & French
  3. Usefull set of product & services like:
  • Design & Production of Policies, Processes and Procedures
  • Design of a personnalised handbook
  • Partner with RA Solutions vendor and design usefull tools aligned to local regulations like Daily Monitoring of Floor Price for Voice, Data & SMS services in DRC
  • Extended approach of Revenue Assurance (RA) to Business Assurance (BA) where key metrics impacting the overall business will be combined to conventional RA technics
  • Inclusion of Mobile Payments, Mobile Money controls within the unverse of conventional RA
  • Personnalised training for junior RA personnel as well as Awareness session for all staffs
  • Partnership with Recruitment agencies on RA recruitment, Job description design, performance measurement metrics and career path advises
  • etc